Makers of Pāo de Mel, a Brazilian honey cake with a sweet centre and covered in single origin Brazilian chocolate 

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The story of 'Pão de Mel'

Pão de Mel - literally, honey bread - is a favourite confection in Brazil, but has its origins in Europe when it was discovered that spiced bread could be covered with melted chocolate to prolong its taste and moisture and over the years the recipe has changed to include a deliciously sweet centre.

In addition to using organic flour, milk, and butter, our cakes are handmade using a single origin Brazilian chocolate and organic Brazilian honey for an authentic taste.

You can keep your Caipirinha, these traditional chocolate coated honey cakes are the real taste sensation from Brazil...and I’m wondering where they have been all my life.

Muddy Stilettos (Sussex)

The flavour is delicious...what really comes across is the love that is put into each cake...you know that a true expert has made them just for you.

Mummy's Waisted

Beneath the beautiful hand dipped dark chocolate is a divinely moist honey cake...the girls tucked into what’s quite a grown up flavoured cake with wild abandon.⁣ And then went back for more. I’ve never had a cake like it.

Sussex Born & Fed

We are proud members of the Worthing Food & Drink Group, created to support and promote local independent businesses.

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About Us



Jamedu is a family company started by a mother who wanted to run her own business without compromising her commitment to her children.

Born and raised in Brazil, but finishing her education in Switzerland, the ambition was to produce a taste of her homeland with Swiss quality and a personal touch - hopefully you'll agree that's the result!

As a company we try to operate with sensitivity towards the environment sourcing as much compostable, biodegradable and recyclable / recycled packaging as possible, as well as working with local suppliers and supporting the local community.